Editing Services for Photographers

Culling: $.05 - $.10 per image submitted

A thorough editing process that ensures you’re delivering the best possible images to your client: everything is tack sharp, key events are covered with enough options for albums and blog submissions, clients look their best, key/emotional moments covered, and your personal style and aesthetic is represented. I typically cull down to 100 images per shooting hour. If you order culling and retouching together, the rate is $.05/image. Culling alone is $.10/image.

Adjusting/Toning/Retouching: $.35 per image

Natural retouching that Includes exposure and color balance correction, the most possible detail in your highlights and shadows, whites and blacks that pop, horizon line correction, light noise filter, and cropping.

Culling & Retouching Package for Wedding Photographers: $400

Special rate through May 1: $400 flat rate for up to 3,500 images culled & up to 800 images adjusted

Other Services and Pricing Info

Additional Retouching - $50/hour for skin softening, blemish removal, red eye removal, object removal, and anything more extensive

Additional Editing - $50/hour for website/portfolio edits, blog submission edits, and tighter overall edits

Minimum order on all jobs is $50

Payment can be made through Venmo or Zelle. A 50% deposit is required to start work on a job

Turn around time is one week

How it works…

I do everything through Lightroom Smart Previews and Dropbox or WeTransfer. You start a catalog and build Smart Previews of all your files, then send me your catalog, Smart Previews, Previews, and Helper files. When I’m through editing, I’ll send the catalog + all previews back to you. You can either import that catalog into your existing one, or just replace your old catalog altogether.

What You’re Getting…

A methodical editing process with an experienced and trained editor who will give you the absolute best images to deliver to your client, all the while taking into consideration your style. I ask all my clients to send me a full wedding in a LR catalog before the first job so I can get a sense of their style and aesthetic. I’ll also spend some time going through your website and I’m happy to have a phone call to discuss how you want your photos to look.

Editing Process

I typically review all the photos at least three times. This methodical process ensures that I haven’t missed anything, and that I’m delivering not only your vision of the day but also your client’s story of the day. First, I make sure all of the images in the final edit are tack sharp and that your clients look their best. Then I make sure all your bases are covered: key moments and events with verticals and horizontals if possible, 2-3 options of all the important moments if possible, and enough landscapes and details to complement an album or portfolio edit. I go through the final edit one more time after I’ve finished retouching the images.


Adjusting/retouching includes: exposure correction, color balance, luminance adjustment, details in the shadows and highlights, subtle noise reduction, whites and blacks that pop, horizon line correction and cropping. I never copy and paste adjustments and leave it at that. Everything is reviewed multiple times.

About Me

I was a wedding and family portrait photographer in NYC for 10 years, and an actor/model headshot retoucher at Argentum Photo Lab in Los Angeles for a year. I worked both for myself and as an associate and second shooter for Amaranth Wedding Photography, Lilian Haidar Photography, Karen Wise Photo, Cody Raisig, Hart Studios, and Bella Baby. I recently moved to eastern Europe and I do everything from here. It’s just me, so you’ll always get personal treatment. I received formal training in photography while in the full-time professional program at the International Center of Photography. I had all the traditional training: b&w darkroom, color lab, film, lighting, documentary storytelling and editing, as well as training in digital techniques like Lightroom and Photoshop. I’m an MFA candidate in Integrated Media Arts at Hunter College where I was also an adjunct lecturer in film and video production. I’ve been taking photos, editing photos, teaching visual storytelling and learning about visual storytelling for over a decade now. I know exactly which moments you need to deliver to your client, and I’m pretty good at picking the photos that best represent you as an artist. I’m easy to work with and I promise I’ll never miss a deadline.

You can find retouching/adjusting samples below as well as my personal wedding photography portfolio.

Sample Before & After Images with Standard Adjustments

Shooting Portfolio

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

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