Editing & Retouching Services for Photographers

I’ve always loved weddings. Before I started my career as a wedding photographer, I worked as a florist and wedding coordinator in Lake Tahoe. I was a wedding, event, and family portrait photographer for over 10 years in New York, and a photo retoucher in Los Angeles for a year. I went to school for documentary photography at the International Center of Photography, where I learned not only traditional darkroom and digital techniques, but also the fundamentals of editing and visual storytelling. I’ve been looking at, editing, and taking photos for over a decade. I know exactly which moments you need to deliver to your client, and I’m pretty good at picking the photos that best represent you as an artist. I’m easy to work with and I promise I’ll never miss a deadline.

I’m also available for editing and retouching events, family portrait sessions, corporate headshots, online portfolios, blog submissions, or anything else you need. You can find some of my wedding photography work below, and my family portrait work here.

How it works…

I do everything through Lightroom Smart Previews and Dropbox. You start a catalog and build Smart Previews of all your files, then Dropbox me your catalog, Smart Previews, Previews, and Helper files. When I’m through editing, I’ll Dropbox the catalog + all previews back to you. Culling and color correcting usually takes one week. I typically do a 2 and 3 star edit in LR but we can figure out a rating system that works best for your workflow.

What You’re Getting…

A methodical editing process with an experienced and trained editor who will give you the absolute best images to deliver to your client, all the while taking into consideration your artistic vision. On the first editing pass, I choose all the images that are in focus, have a workable exposure, and where all subjects have their eyes open without awkward expressions. On the second pass, I choose the images with the best exposure and composition, and/or where the subjects look their best. After that I make sure all your bases are covered…verticals and horizontals of all the important details, 2-3 options of all the important moments, and enough landscapes and details to complement an album or portfolio edit. If there’s still room in the edit for further culling, I go through and choose the absolute best photos from this edit. This methodical process ensures that I haven’t missed anything, and that I’m delivering not only your vision of the day but also your client’s story of the day. I NEVER copy and paste adjustments, or do global adjustments and leave it at that. I go through each and every photo, 2-3 times, and I’m very conscientious of your style. I can spot a blown out highlight from a mile away and have perfect color vision (according to a test on Facebook, ha.)

Rates and Process for Photo Editing/Culling for Weddings, Events and Portraits

The rate is $.05/image based on total number of images submitted. For example, if you send me a wedding with 3,000 files, the fee for culling will be $150. The number of images that I edit down to are pretty standard photo edit numbers that usually correlate to 100 images per shooting hour. So a family portrait session will typically be around 75 images, a two hour event will probably be around 200 images, and an eight - ten hour wedding will be 800 - 1,000 images.

Rates and Process for Standard Color Correcting/Exposure/Tone/Straightening/Cropping

The rate is $.35/image based on the total number of images submitted for adjustments. (This is typically done in tandem with culling but some clients may choose to do their own culling and just have me tone and adjust everything.) So for example, if you send me 3,000 files to cull and color correct for an 8 hour wedding, the total fee will likely be around $430 ($150 for culling 3,000 images + $280 for adjusting 800 images.)

A standard adjustment includes: exposure, color balance, tone (highlights, shadows, black, whites), horizon straightening and cropping.

I ask all my clients to send me a full wedding in a LR catalog beforehand so I can get a sense of their style and aesthetic. I’ll also spend some time going through your website and I’m happy to have a phone call to discuss how you want your photos to look.

More Than Standard Adjustments

Do you have filters that you like to use? Do you regularly apply skin softening, take out blemishes, exit signs, or apply sharpening and/or noise filters? Need some head swapping done on a family portrait in Photoshop? Just ask and we’ll work out a rate!


I take Venmo and Zelle. I’ll send you an invoice when I’m through editing and once I receive payment, I’ll Dropbox the Catalog + Previews back to you.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to drop me a line anytime!

All the best,