Generation Like and The Follower Factory

Watching these kids struggle to be a part of the ruling class was, not quite heart-wrenching but definitely disheartening. The NYT article calls it "The world's collective yearning for connection." You just feel so bad for them. It's like a beauty pageant where the winner gets 1/100th of whatever the tv studio is making just so they can be America's sweetheart.

I googled Baby Scumbag, and you probably know this already, but after this Frontline doc, he and his manager (his cousin) and a pro skater, were charged with luring a 12 yr-old girl into performing sexual acts by promising that she would be cast in an MTV show.  A show that didn't even exist.  Baby Scumbag was 14 or 15 at the time.  He's posted a clear-your-name-confessional video of him a few years after he was charged, and he's sitting in a busted out house, still in Compton, trying to clear his name.