Response to The Machine Stops

"When Vashti swerved away from the sunbeams with a cry, she behaved barbarically - she put out her hand to steady her....The woman was confused and apologized for not having let her fall.  People never touched one another.  The custom had become obsolete, owing to the Machine." (p.8)

This part of the article made me think about a recurring conversation I have with my friends who have children about Americans and their reluctance/fear of touching children.  Which, there are a lot of reasons for, some of them exacerbated by technology.  For me, the point of this reading was to think about the point at which technology builds up society and the point at which technology divides and breaks down society. I think there is a general uncomfortableness with children now, partly because, unless you have children, you're not interacting with them on a daily basis.  But also because our machine - our phones, the internet - is a forum for all of the things you can do wrong around children. And then we're becoming more comfortable being alone and touching our phone or communicating through email and sending emojis than we are with touching each other.